Los Angeles Fashion Week 2017

Ready for LA Fashion Week 2017?

Several times each year the fashion world meets in Los Angeles to celebrate top LA fashion designers and fashion companies in California. This year there are several amazing fashion weeks to mark in your calendar. From LA Fashion Week and We Heart Fashion Week to the Los Angeles Style Week. The list goes on and on.


Top Five Female Drummers In Music History in Los Angeles

When music fans think about the great drummers, names like Charlie Watts and Keith Moon immediately come to mind. However, there have been plenty of talented female drummers throughout music history. Here is a look at the five best.

Karen Carpenter: While the pop music of The Carpenters is considered so modest that it really did not require expert drumming, Karen Carpenter’s enthusiastic performance on the drums helped elevate many of the group’s songs. Her drumming is a big reason why the group was so successful in the late 1970s.

Think of the world’s most famous female musicians, and perhaps you think of a lot of singers — Beyonce, Britney Spears, Dusty Springfield, Joni Mitchell… However, lady musicians are increasingly found behind the drums, shredding on guitar or laying down the basslines to a song. They’re no longer “just” the singers in bands.

Female instrumentalists still often encounter stereotyped attitudes towards their playing. There are more men playing drums than women, particularly in certain heavier music genres and at the professional level. However, the gendered stereotype that drumming requires masculine physical strength is being disproved time and time again at this point, we understand that female artists have a tougher time than male artists, no matter what the genre. From country to heavy metal, female artists are under represented, so how can we show our favorite female artists and musicians that we support them?

First and foremost, there is simply buying their music. As ad agencies and businesses tell us, money talks, and when it talks, the record companies listen. If you love a certain female artist, buy their music. This Read the rest of this entry. In an industry where image is apparently just as important as the music, one probably has no problem seeing how Madonna could be such a success. Brilliant concerts and steamy music videos have all been featured on Direct TV CABLE channels and if you aren’t watching her on television, you’re probably hearing her on the radio. However, just because a person is successful and popular does not necessarily mean that they are being taken seriously in terms of who they truly are and what they mean to the public. Which is more important – Madonna’s body or her body of work?

Madonna arguably started turning heads throughout the 80s, though some might argue earlier or later. While her music was catchy and poppy, what mainly got her the attention was all the controversy surrounding her performance and public image. She broke many sexual boundaries taking concepts like sexuality and eroticism and making them paramount to her style and musical themes. Obviously not someone your parents would probably want you listening to, her style and approach were addictive. Taking this into account, the question still remains whether it was her sexual image or her music that made her popular and whether her status as a celebrity was out of respect or lust from the fans.

Women have dominated the charts in music. We should care about them because they are doing so much with their gifts. They are filled with so many talented females that are really making a name for themselves.

Beyonce, Taylor Swift and Adele have all been chart toppers in the last couple of years. Most fans don’t know what they would do with these females stars that have taken the lead in the music industry. It’s hard to imagine, but these stars Read the rest of this entry »

Women are beginning to impact the music industry in every way. No longer support acts in male-fronted bands, women are showing their true talent by taking to the stage their own Indie bands. Following are some of the most successful.

Jenny Lewis began her career as a child actor but now rocks the stage as the leader singer of Rilo Kiley and is also a successful solo artist. She has sung with the Watson Twins and DNTEL & Ben Gibbard in the Postal Service.

Organizations Helping Women Break Into The Music Industry

One of the biggest organizations out to help women break into the music industry is Women in Music. Starting in 1985, this group of industry professionals provides a variety of ways for female musicians and industry hopefuls to learn, network, and reach out to others in the profession. They have regular seminars, panels, and networking events, as well as awards presentations and big events, in order to reach out and create a sense of community with Read the rest of this entry